Events @ TechHub
17:30, TechHub Swansea
Ever tried learning to code on your own but couldn’t manage to wrap your head around it? You’re not the only one. Galaxias.Tech Coding for Beginners workshop is as friendly as its name suggests. In only 2 hours and under the watchful eye of one of our reputable instructors, you’ll learn to build your very own webpage using HTML and CSS. You will also get an introduction to JavaScript.
16:00, TechHub Swansea
The first and most famous cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, was launched back in 2009, but it has taken a pretty long time for industry to wake up to it. So, could it be the major disruptor it's touted as being? Join us for some lively discussion and demonstration to find out more.
17:30, TechHub Swansea
Come learn about intellectual property and why cyber security matters. Galaxias.Tech’s Intellectual Property (“IP”) and Cyber Security Best Practices Workshop focuses on giving entrepreneurs a forum to learn: 1) what intellectual property can be protected in your company, and; 2) what best practices a start-up company should adopt to obtain and preserve such protection. 3) the threats small business need to be aware of: 4) best protection practices;